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About the Author

Jeffrey Bernhardt

Jeffrey has been telling lies since he cut down his father’s cherry tree.  He obtained degrees in math and chemistry, which have served him well over the years in spinning plausible stories for many employers.  For many years, he has designed and developed medical instruments, some of which worked. It has somehow just dawned on him that he could spin yarns for his own purposes.  Jeffrey has three children and lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California with his wife and high school–aged youngest daughter. The neighbors complain about his dogs and the racket he makes on every New Year’s Eve.

Jeffrey lived through and participated in events of the period portrayed in this book but, as is usual of those who did, cannot remember much of it.  However, the intentions, yearnings, and idealism of the period are crystal clear and as out of step with the larger social mores now as they were then. Details of the historical events have been chronicled by many in exquisite detail and are utilized extensively in this work.  The extraordinary period depicted in this work spanning 1969 through 1972 is a greatly underappreciated and momentous point in American history and the place of America in the world.  From the peak of affluence and power, many were able to pursue spiritual and political ideals, only to slam against the larger reality of a culture which fractured and came dangerously close to self-destruction.